Scottish Festival

Oklahoma Highland Gathering

The Oklahoma Highland Gathering is a celebration of Scottish culture. Throughout the weekend, attendees can enjoy a taste of Scotland and other Celtic nations through the many activities and entertainers. To kick off the festival, Friday evening will be a Scottish fire festival on the main field at TBD p.m. Following the fire festival, a ceilidh (an informal social gathering with folk musicsinging, dancing, and storytelling) will take place at TBD in the music tent.

In addition to musical actspipe bands and Celtic dancing, there are Highland Athletics.  Attractions include Celtic-themed vendorsfood trucks with traditional Scottish food, clan tentsgenealogy research, crofters’ village and Gaelic lessons & readings.

Friday Oct 21, Saturday Oct 22, and Sun Oct 23.

Oklahoma Highland Gathering

Admission Information

October 21-23, 2022


  • TBD


  • Friday, October 21 – TBD
  • Saturday, October 22 – TBD
  • Sunday, October 23 – TBD

Oklahoma Highland Gathering Festival

Map to Location

Choctaw Creek Park - 2001 N Harper Road, Choctaw, OK

Volunteers make our festival possible!


Even if you're not a piper, dancer, or athlete there are plenty of ways you can help us promote Scottish culture at the Oklahoma Highland Gathering Festival.

For 2022, we need:

  • Ticket Sales Helpers
  • Beer Wrist Band Helpers
  • Hospitality area attendants
  • USCO tent assistants
  • Set up and tear down helpers

If you’d like to volunteer your time, please click this link and fill out the form at the bottom of the page.