Jonathan Irvin – President – Jonathan has been the festival chairman and heavy athletic director for the Iron Thistle Scottish Heritage Festival and Highland Games since its inception over ten years ago, as well as a trustee for USCO. He does a fantastic job of facilitating ideas & keeping us focused on moving forward.

Katherine Smith – Vice President and Chief Nominations Officer – Unlike many who grew up being entrenched in their Scottish ancestry, Kathy is somewhat of a newcomer. Despite being told she was primarily English and Native American, she always felt drawn to Scottish culture. After some genealogy research and a DNA test, she’s discovered that she’s mostly Scottish and Irish and decided to fully embrace her heritage.

Tammy McCauley – Treasurer – Tammy managed the Children’s Glen at the Iron Thistle. She loves Pina Coladas and getting lost in the Scottish rain (in Scotland, and Ireland – shh). She is Scottish (Clan Wallace), Native American, and a mesh of other nationalities. Tammy is all but dissertation in her doctorate, Educational Leadership in Curriculum and Instruction. She is a teacher, wife, and mother.

Kristi Kime – Secretary – Kristi is a member of both Clan Donald and Clan MacIntosh. In addition to her skills at generally keeping us organized, she is a piper for Oklahoma Scottish Pipes and Drums and makes a mean Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes. Don’t worry, though, the only thing exploding will be your taste buds.

Jack Robertson – Chief Program Officer and Historian – Jack has been interested in his Scottish heritage since he was a teenager. He is a member of Clan Donnachaidh (Robertson), and you’re likely to see his own Robertson clan wearing their tartan at USCO events. He has been married over 20 years to his sweetheart, Heather, and has three children. Jack is obviously a fan of history, as he works for the Oklahoma Historical Society in the State Historic Preservation Office.

Stephen McCauley – Chief Clan Officer -Stephen is Clan Johnstone, Murray, Scott and MacGregor. The McCauley name is of Scottish origin but was given to his family by a Indian agent in the late 1800’s. He recently visited his homeland of Dumfries and Galloway. His wife found his 3 times great grandmother’s tombstone in Lochmaben, a very moving moment of their trip. He actually loves haggis, not on a dare.

Stephen is a historian, including his Native American heritage and holds a degree in General Science. He is a carpenter, husband, and father of five.

Kyle ErwinTrustee – Kyle is the youngest on the board and would probably hold the award for most teased if Laura didn’t already hold that dubious honor. He is an athlete and expert on Scottish drinking habits, having attended college at Abertay Dundee in Scotland. Since joining the board in 2014, Kyle has been a driving force behind several of our biggest efforts to bring new members into USCO.

Lesa Ferster– Trustee – Lesa has Scottish roots going back to her childhood.  She learned to play Scottish tenor drum when she was about 12 years old and played with Clan MacIntire Ladies Pipe Band. She was “Queen of the Heather” at 17. She has volunteered over the years with the Seattle Scottish Highland Games. As an adult she played tenor drum with Coriovallum Pipe Band  in The Netherlands and has competed at the Scottish Games in Edinburgh Scotland.  Now she plays tenor drum with Oklahoma Scottish Pipes and Drums.

Jeremy IrvinTrustee – is a heavy athlete and one of our go-to guys for anything that needs to be done at the Iron Thistle. Did Laura forget to bring a hammer for the third year in a row? No problem, Jeremy’s got it covered. It’s hard work being Jonathan’s brother (and being mistaken for Jonathan quite often), but someone’s gotta do it.

Thorne PoormanTrustee –

Heather RobertsonTrustee –

Nicole RodriguezTrustee –

Laura ThiryTrustee – Laura and her husband Kenneth return to the USCO board of trustees after a hiatus following years of service to the organization. Laura has held various offices on the board and is a driving force behind many of our efforts.

Kenneth ThiryTrustee– Kenneth and his wife are members of Clan Henderson and have decades of experience in Scottish culture. Throughout the history of USCO Ken has been a source of wisdom, assistance, and humor in the organization, and the board is ecstatic to have him and Laura back in a position of leadership.